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Writing Therapy Training

Writing Therapy Training

CPD training for mental health professionals in the use of therapeutic writing.

The course offers students the opportunity to:

  • develop the skills and knowledge required to use writing therapeutically in client work,
  • understand the underpinning theory and history of therapeutic writing,
  • support clients in using expressive writing, poetry therapy, bibliotherapy, creative writing, journalling, and other forms of therapeutic writing,
  • develop the skills required to facilitate groupwork,
  • explore their own life experiences through therapeutic writing.

Therapeutic writing is increasingly used by mental health professionals in their work with clients and patients. This course aims to prepare students to work effectively with writing and bibliotherapy in a therapeutic context. It explores underlying theory and research, as well as offering a comprehensive introduction to writing therapy in practice. Students will also have the opportunity to explore some of their own experiences through writing. Students are required to keep a learning journal and practice reflective and reflexive writing, as well as developing their writing skills and their knowledge of relevant literature and practical client skills.

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